Linking Tenants With Landlords And Agents For No Fee Low Hassle Flexible Tenancys​

Who we are

We specialise in hmo property which is most likely the most labour intensive and difficult style of housing to mange. where legislation safety and tenant placement and profiling takes priority over all else.

Why we are

CCI offer a number of and innovative packages to maximise security of your investment and offer good low risk returns while managing and servicing yours and your property’s requirements.

Where you are

We appreciate your property is not just an investment for the future but ideally something that will give you a return now 
It seems the days of making reasonable margins on residential and single occupancy buy to let properties are numbered.

How it starts

Forget the hassle and the uncertainty And join the latest network community of agents, landlords, investors and developers making there mark on the property industry.Contact us today and Join our community to see what’s on offer


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Get The Most Value Out Of Your Property With Our Revolutionary Rent Service.

We pride ourselves in the screening of housemates to ensure a super productive home environment. Many  of our guests are affiliated with sister  company capital home care.

Landlords have confirmed property’s are kept to a very high standard and
Enjoy knowing the building and all it’s contents is covered by our 100% guarantee.

We work with a large number of landlords who enjoy the added peace of mind of receiving one monthly guaranteed rent payment.

Whether you’re looking to sell or rent your property, we make it easy!


We have a Dedicated group of agents to carry the out surveys on private residential property , portfolios and blocks to establish better and more affect means of creating profit and sustainability for all our clients.

✓ Tenants loosing keys
✓ Tenants overdue rent
✓ Evicting Tenants
✓ Regular inspections
✓ 24 hour maintenance calls
✓ Contracting work to tradesmen
✓ General  maintenance
✓ Dealing with tenants & disputes
✓ Fire legislation & safety standards
✓ Property refurbishment
✓ Cleaning & Gardening
✓ Regular audits and reports
✓ Service Calls
✓ Check in and check out
✓ Advertising and renting rooms
✓ Tenant referencing
✓ Application processing

About Us

Having accommodated thousands of tenants we are well aware of the level of work that goes into renovating, licensing and servicing the needs of a property to provide multiple occupancy.

CCI  work alongside investors & landlords who require peace of mind and a good return on their investments.    
Maximising the income from a property is based around safety and compliance. With better regulations for HMO property we aim to give you the inside track on licensing, occupying and maintaining high standards.    

Whether you’re looking to sell or rent your property, we make it easy!

Have Questions? Get in touch:

As a landlord you simply register your details, then set up a meeting with one of our local representatives. Meetings typically last 30 minutes and we show you the best options to suit your specific needs. Simply contact us to begin your journey...

Highly professional, understanding & caring, always gets back to you promptly, thinks of everything, this lady is faultless!

Lynda Gray

As a busy business owner with other things to worry about on a daily basis, it is a welcome total relief to know the property investments are being professionally managed by someone who really cares.


The service we have experienced has been “second to none”.  We found each member of the Staff to be most courteous and helpful. We can only speak for the specialist department dealing in HMOs and lettings.  All members in this department are well versed in the laws, rules, and requirements…


You and your team are the reason why I would only ever use CCI HomeShare  for any of my property projects ! Thank you for managing my HMO’s so efficiently, you really have provided an excellent service and I hope to continue to use your management services for many years to come.

Masaru Emoto

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